Complete Mobility Solution Designed To Deliver The Right Information To The User

Pivotal Mobile CRM is a complete mobility solution designed to deliver the right information to the user, when they need it, on their device of choice, regardless of connectivity or location. With different solutions to address the variety of ways mobile personnel prefer to work, Pivotal Mobile CRM gives organizations the freedom to create a mobile strategy that fits their unique needs:

Gain Full Functionality: Pivotal Mobile Client offers mobile users who are away from the office for extended periods of time complete access to Pivotal CRM functionality. Whether they are in front of the client or back at the hotel, mobile personnel can use their laptops to reference customer and prospect data, edit information, and work with the entire application in offline mode. They have access to all the functionality available to connected users and can remotely synchronize data back to head office at their convenience.

Perform Key Tasks: Depending on the device of choice, Pivotal CRM provides two solutions that allow mobile personnel to perform key business tasks and access important information:

Pivotal Handheld delivers seamless access to critical business tasks and customer data on RIM BlackBerry® devices, regardless of whether a network connection is available. Pivotal Wireless delivers an out-of-the-box application that enables alerting as well as real-time read and write access to critical customer information stored in Pivotal’s CRM database from wireless devices such as cell phones and web-enabled PDAs.

Synchronize Important Information: Intellisync for Pivotal provides mobile users with bi-directional synchronization of contacts, to-do lists, and calendar items between Pivotal CRM and Microsoft® Outlook® or Lotus Notes® so they can use their tool of choice to manage their day offline.

Full Offline Functionality

Today’s level of broadband ubiquity sets the expectation with customers and prospects that mobile users will have full access to their CRM application and current data at all times. To bridge the gap between this expectation and the reality of broadband coverage outside regional hotspots, sales organizations require offline capabilities that ensure they are never without access to critical functionality and data. Effective disconnected use must allow mobile personnel to work the way they need to, which can demand full offline application functionality.

Pivotal Mobile Client

For consultative mobile personnel whose tasks involve everything from needs assessment to order completion at the customer site, Pivotal Mobile Client provides a complete, scaled-down Pivotal CRM system designed to deliver 100% functionality on a laptop, regardless of whether there is an Internet connection.

It includes: Pivotal Client (either the Windows®-based Pivotal Windows Client or the browser-based Pivotal Rich Client), Pivotal Business Server, Microsoft SQL Server database.

Pivotal Mobile Client users employ their client of choice to work with a subset of Pivotal CRM customer data present on their laptop, and they must intermittently connect to the main Pivotal Business Server or a satellite one to synchronize any data changes they have made.

Integrated with Microsoft Office Pivotal supports Microsoft Office integration of the Pivotal Mobile Client, whether online or offline. This includes: Bi-directional integration with Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, and 2003, which allows users to create, manage, and queue e-mails for delivery in either Pivotal CRM or Microsoft Outlook while working in disconnected (offline) mode; Bi-directional synchronization of Outlook calendars, tasks, and contacts, which allows users to work with and update these features while offline; and The ability to reference Pivotal CRM data within Microsoft Office 2003 applications, including Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.® Even while offline, users working in Microsoft Office can click on key words to display associated data from the local Pivotal CRM database directly in the Office application.

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