Get the Best of Web-Based Solutions Designed With Joomla Development

Your business needs a website to reach the internet and benefit from an ever-growing marketplace. To get a top-quality website developed, you will need a robust and feature-rich platform capable of enhancing the competencies of the business. Joomla is a popular CMS or content management system that brings flexibility and scalability to help in creation of high-end web applications. This award-winning platform is multilingual and offers over 60 languages to help webmasters and business owners across the globe.

It’s this multilingual feature that gives businesses an opportunity to reach a much larger audience and expand their base further. In addition, it has a massive community of users, coders and developers who’re always active and ready to sort out any problems faced anywhere in the world. The CMS is in fact capable to the extent of bringing “One Click Version Update” to save a lot of inconveniences faced otherwise with updates and upgrades.

One of the advantages of leveraging Joomla development is to gain the ability to monetize your website. The CMS comes packed with a banner manager to add banners and do advertising and realize marketing goals. One can run campaigns, add as many banners of choice and create clients to propel the business forward. Besides, it brings the opportunity of adding several contacts and enriching business with more features. It means, you need not contend with one contact management only!

In addition, the Joomla platform comes with built-in search and smart search to let visitors find information as quickly and conveniently as they desire. In fact, visitors can be served better by leveraging the statistics and finding their needs. Above all, it has a list of wonderful features to redefine content management and organizing. More so, it ensures that content management and content editing tasks are as simple and effortless as they should be.

The CMS brings the opportunity of using different layouts and enjoying the ability to show articles, posts and items on the basis of popularity. With its front-end editing feature, the task of editing not only becomes easier, but also becomes free from any backend logging and making changes from there itself. You can simply click and start editing the text from the front end itself. Similarly, you can track any editing done to the website and if need arises, you can revert to previous version.

Customization is one of key features of Joomla where it gives flexibility to extent the existing functionalities of the website and make it more productive. With this feature, you can use some codes and add whatever features your business needs. It means, you’re not restricted at any level and your business can enhance its abilities as and when the needs arises.

Besides, Joomla development services does not cost as much as other platforms as it’s an open source platform. It means, you get best web solutions at a cost that will never make a dent on your purse. It’s your chance to benefit from a platform that is business-friendly in true sense!

Online Bug Tracking Tool: A Solution Designed Around the Needs of Developers

Online applications prevent small businesses from having to rely on less advanced monitoring methods such as email or meetings to receive necessary information. These inefficient bug monitoring techniques lead to consumer issues, faulty products, and uninformed management among many companies. A tracking tool is designed to help a company organize product or internal issues which affect the quality provided to consumers. An online bug tracking tool is designed to assist with the software development process, but may also be customized for other types of issues as well. The software development life cycle, or SDLC, is the basis for these applications and may be applied in conjunction with project management to prevent missed deadlines or surpassing a set budget. Businesses can implement a web-based tracking program to save time and money through improved project organization.

Issue Tracking: HostedApplications Support the Development Life Cycle

Software development begins with planning out the requirements of a particular upgrade or new project. Management, developers, and additionally involved parties hold a series of meetings to determine what is needed to accomplish a desired end result. These requirements are gathered from customer requests, management objectives, or various other sources. A general requirements list is created from this information excluding any functionality currently not possible. The next step involves designing both the back end processes and visual aspects. Tasks may be assigned during every portion of the SDLC process to various staff members.

As each developer completes their portion of the project, they may run multiple tests to determine if it is functioning appropriately. The developer can use issue tracking in a hosted environment to track the bugs they find during implementation. Useful information is stored about each bug to make resolution easier on the assigned party. Status changes are emailed to the team to inform everyone of progress. Once the developer has completed the implementation code in addition to repairing all found bugs, they then pass the beta version to testing engineers or the support staff for further evaluation. Newly found bugs are reported in the system so the project manager can assign them to someone on the development staff. Issue tracking by a hosted provider allows a company to have a beneficial tool without the developers gaining the responsibility of maintaining another system. The reporting process provides documentation developers use to verify their work and continues until the project is completed.

The SDLC never truly ends, but merely starts over once the solution is deployed. Additional bugs may be reported as the application is maintained or by the support staff as consumers begin to use the latest product. Tracking applications provide a centralized storage location where bugs are organized accordingly. A manager can assign bug related tasks to particular coders who can use these reports to keep everyone informed as they fix the problem. Defects may be organized based on an individual or by project. They remain open until the assigned person changes their status. Any status changes are sent via email and the system keeps a history of all reported items. Online bug tracking tools increase productivity, are remotely accessible, and help companies advance the reliability of their products.

Celebrity Body on a Budget – A Weight Loss Solution Designed to Meet Anyone’s Needs

My recent discovery of the book, Celebrity Body on a Budget was quite revealing; and I’m not just talking about the bronze Malibu hotties on the cover. Written by celebrated ‘Personal Trainer to the Stars’ Cornel Chin, this handy little book is a lot more substance than the glamour title lends one to expect.

My interest was peaked although I was still expecting a high glamour rendition of fitness fluff and a lot of ego from a celebrated trainer. I couldn’t have been further off base. This 200 page paper back is not only chock-full of high quality information to lend you immediate results – it also delivers in a big way on the title expectation of doing it without requiring any spend from the piggy bank.

Not only are these ideas, tools and exercises easy on the wallet (they cost nothing – not even a gym membership), they are also efficient on the schedule as Cornel details in short and concise fashion (along with lots of pictures showing proper technique – sorry, none of Leo) exactly how you can leverage your everyday routines to get in shape quickly.

Easy on the wallet and easy on the time schedule? That’s right. And you’ll be provided a plethora of ways to seamlessly integrate these activities into your current routine and schedule.

Surprisingly, the book starts out with a core look at body types and fitness fundamentals. Once you take a quick look at his diagrams of the Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph body types, you’ll know which one you have and how to leverage activities and exercises to compliment your God-given attributes. Next, Cornel will take through a fun set of insights into how you work activities into your present schedule. As you discover quick and easy ways to integrate more activity into your day – and along the way discover simple methods of working parts of your body that probably never get much attention – you will begin to realize that getting great results quickly really is possible.

Next is where Cornel really begins to shine and deliver on his title promise: “Celebrity Body on a Budget”. He’ll simplify the process for you of selecting equipment or providing low cost alternatives. In today’s economy, we can all take a lesson from frugality and Cornel shows you how to do it without painful compromise.

And that is only half the book. Additionally, you will be provided exercise solutions specific to your degree of achievement and your personal fitness level. These sections are loaded with specifics and the layout and pictures make it easy to go from reading to doing. You’ll then be treated to an entire section on food solutions, preparation and recipes. Smart, economical and good to eat.

The closing sections on motivation and the keen insights on keeping the focus will arm you to not only get started but to keep going as well. This book’s author has been a fitness professional for almost 20 years – and to some of the most demanding clients anyone could have – successfully. They all clamour about his work and the results he provides. Now you can get those same results regardless of what your budget provides.